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Waran Translations

Japanese - Dutch - English Translation & Interpreting

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Track record
Waran Translations

is a Belgium-based translation and interpreting company offering Japanese, Dutch and English language services. Our expertise ranges from interpretation and translation in both general and specialized fields (including technical, financial and legal), to native checking and cross-checkingaudio-typing, and language lessons, all at the most competitive prices on the market. Sworn translation and interpretation is also available.


What makes us different is our focus on a pair of two relatively minor languages, Japanese and Dutch, for which few skilled translators and interpreters are available. The quality that we deliver for this language pair, however, is unparallelled. We furthermore offer native-level English services.


Our track record attests to our top-notch language skills and abundant experience. Whatever service in our working languages it is you are looking for, we will do all we can to cater for your particular needs while always assuring the highest quality.


We also offer excellent backup support in case any extra service should be required after delivery.


Another great advantage of choosing for Waran Translations is that your order reaches us directly, without money-consuming agencies being involved. This guarantees not only the lowest possible rates, but also a prompt response to all your requests at any day of the week.



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