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Waran Translations

Japanese - Dutch - English Translation & Interpreting

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Track record

Track record



・Japanese-English translation of camera installation and operation manuals (Canon)

・English-Dutch biomedical patent translation

Audio-typing and Japanese translation of interviews in Dutch about painter Johannes Vermeer (TV Man Union)

Japanese-English translation of an IR briefing session regarding a management buyout (Universal Studios Japan)

Japanese-English translation of a brochure for feeding machines (Taisei MFG, Co. Ltd.)

・Japanese-English translation of an AU press release on new applications (Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company)

Dutch-Japanese video translation for a tourism program (IVS Television)

Dutch-Japanese translation of a company’s financial report (RWB Water Services B.V.)

Japanese-English translation of a hotel website (Hotel Via Inn Kyoto)

Dutch-Japanese translation for customs inspectors of a suspect’s SMS correspondence (Japanese Customs Department)

・Japanese-Dutch translation of the video game "Hadoken Fighter" (Unicon Products Inc.)

Japanese-English translation of a manual for a blood testing machine (Tecan Japan Co., Ltd.)

・Japanese-English translation of a pamphlet of the mausoleum Jōdōin (Enryakuji Temple)

Japanese-English translation of the minutes of a shareholders’ meeting (Pentax)

Japanese-Dutch translation of the Kirin Compliance Guidelines (Kirin Brewery Company)

・Dutch-Japanese video translation of a documentary on Dick Bruna, the creator of Miffy (NHK (Japanese national TV))

Dutch-Japanese translation of a hospital invoice

・Japanese-Dutch translation of the website of Unicon Products Inc.

Japanese-English translation of a variety of business documents, such as e-mail communication, PPT presentations, progress reports, etc. (Sanyo Electric)

Japanese-English, Japanese-Dutch translations of family registers, driver’s licenses, etc.

・Japanese-Dutch translation of UI manual and Installer manual of 'TransferJet' wireless technology

・Dutch-Japanese translation of various elementary school books (mathematics, geography, etc.)

・Japanese-Dutch translation of the video game "Shootanto" (Nintendo Co., Ltd.)

Japanese-English translation of an abstract of a medical study (Sapporo Otani University)

Japanese-English translation of chemical patents (Akoni KK)

Dutch-Japanese translation of official documents for immigrants to the Netherlands (Dutch Ministry of Immigration and Integration)






・Japanese-Dutch interpreting for a delegation of the Japan Center for Local Autonomy, at an interview on the Belgian tax system with the Brussels Regional Tax Office and Flanders Regional Tax Office

・Japanese-Dutch interpreting for a delegation from Kanazawa City on the occasion of the official opening of the new Ghent city museum STAM 

・Japanese-Dutch consecutive and whispered interpreting for architect Toyo Ito at a library project presentation before a jury in Ghent

・Japanese-Dutch interpreting for a delegation of the Japan Foundation for Regional Vitalization at a meeting with representatives of the Hasselt City Council and on visits to the jenever museum and a jenever distillery

・Japanese ⇔ Dutch ⇔ English consecutive interpreting for water researcher Dr. Emoto at two public lectures and an academic panel discussion

Japanese-Dutch whispered interpreting at a company council of Daikin Europe

Telephonic interpreting between a Japanese person and logistic personnel of the UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti

Japanese-Dutch consecutive interpreting at a lawsuit at the Tokyo District Court

・Dutch-English-Japanese interpreting at the K-1 World GP 2008 Final (Fuji TV)

・Japanese-Dutch consecutive interpreting at business negociations for medical equipment producer Arte Corp.



Proofreading, audio-typing, etc.

・Proofreading of SONY instruction manuals (on a regular basis)

・Dutch-Japanese cross-check of an article on the turnaround of the company Buhrs

・Dutch-Japanese cross-check of the clauses of a funeral insurance (DELA Corp.)

・English transcription of a seminar sponsored by the World Health Organization (WHO)

・Dutch-Japanese cross-check of a pamphlet of NEVAT benchmark

・On-site native check of Dutch car navigation system (Denso Corporation)

・Japanese-Dutch cross-check of various computer games ("Contra", "Tomenasanner", "GTI", etc.)

・Analysis of year reports and activity logs of the Flanders Center in Osaka (Commissioned by the Government of Flanders) 



Translations of Japanese literature

2008: Tōkyō o omou (Tanizaki Jun’ichirō, 1934) into English

2005: Jōtarō (Tanizaki Jun’ichirō, 1914) into Dutch

2004: Tōkyōshima (Kirino Natsuo, 2004) into Dutch

2003: Sannin hōshi (Tanizaki Jun’ichirō, 1929) into Dutch

2003: Aru shōnen no osore (Tanizaki Jun’ichirō, 1919) into Dutch

Managing director


Michael Hauspie



Sworn translator/interpreter


Born in Belgium in 1980.

Obtained his first M.A. from the Japanese Studies Department at Ghent University, graduating magna cum laude in 2003. Was awarded with a Japanese Government scholarship to study Japanese literature at the prestigious universities of Waseda and Sophia, where he received a second M.A. with the maximum GPA. Having lived in Tokyo for nearly 5 years, he returned to Belgium in the fall of 2009 to establish Waran Translations. He also holds a position as part-time lecturer at the Ghent University Japanese Studies Department.




Japanese qualifications 


Japanese Language Placement Test

Level 1 (highest) (December 2006




English qualifications


TOEIC (September 2006)



TOEFL iBT (October 2006)