Japanese, English, and Dutch translation and interpreting

Waran Translations is a Belgium-based translation and interpreting company specializing in linguistic services for Japanese, Dutch, and English. Spanning these three languages, we boast extensive experience and expertise in a wide array of fields ranging from general business to technical content, finance, law, sports, art, and much more.


“Waran” literally means “Japanese” (wa 和) and “Dutch” (ran 蘭). Skilled translators and interpreters for this combination are in short supply, but we pride ourselves on our network of the best freelance linguists in the Dutch language region. We work only with translators and interpreters of the highest possible levels, both in terms of education and experience. This uncompromising pursuit of excellence has earned us the trust of industry-leading companies like Daikin, Honda, and Pfizer, as well as European, Belgian, and Japanese government institutions.


Unbound by strict office hours, our flexible team is always there to help you—at night, on the weekend, or whenever necessary.


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