Japanese interpreter in Belgium

Looking for a Japanese-English interpreter in Belgium?


Waran Translations is exactly what you need. We offer interpreting services in a wide range of fields for any combination between the Japanese, English, and Dutch languages.

Michaël Hauspie and his team of hand-picked freelance interpreters all boast an excellent academic background and extensive interpreting experience.



Mastering the jargon


A high level of proficiency in Japanese, English, and Dutch (or in any combination where interpreting is needed) is of course a good start, but by no means enough. At Waran Translations we go one step further and prepare ourselves with the utmost thoroughness and diligence for every single interpreting assignment. Try using our services and you will see that we spare no effort to master the jargon that is required for any specific job.



Japanese interpreting in Belgium (and far beyond)


We offer our interpreting services throughout Belgium, and by extension the whole Dutch language region.

We have interpreted for the mayors of Ghent, Bruges, Hasselt, and Vilvoorde, the port alderman of Antwerp, the province governors of West-Flanders, East-Flanders, and Antwerp, and last but not least, the Flemish minister-president in Brussels. But an exhaustive list of places in Belgium where we’ve been active as a Japanese interpreter would lead us too far. (And of course not only politicians used our services. Our client base is as diverse as it can get, and comprises football players, artists, architects, TV reporters, scientists, technicians, tax authorities, top managers, just as well as people getting married or ending up in a hospital.)

Clients initially hiring us for Japanese-English interpreting have often found it helpful that we can also handle Japanese-Dutch. For Japanese-English, we can moreover assist our clients in just about any country in the world, which we’ve actually done in France, Italy, Poland, the UK, and Japan.



We can accommodate to all your Japanese interpreting needs 


Consecutive interpreting, simultaneous interpreting, or whispered interpreting–whatever your interpreting need, Waran Translation is your solution!

From inspections to negotiations, from machine installations to product demonstrations–Waran Translations’ expertise reaches far and will make your intercultural contact a success.



Contact us


Do not hesitate to contact us for any interpreting service we can assist you with. Call Michaël Hauspie on the number +32 471 782 831 or send an email to info@warantranslations.com.



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